Introducing A Good Night’s Sleep

????????????????????????????Like many of the best ideas A Good Night’s Sleep came about by accident, in this instance messing around on Twitter.

A colleague was complaining about a back problem, which was making it hard for him to sleep. I flippantly suggested he get a luxury mattress topper. A bedding company immediately chimed in to offer him one. “Mattress toppers can upgrade a bed to hotel standard!” (That’s how PRs talk on Twitter)

Another follower chipped in with ‘Sweet Jesus, you’ve started something now!’

I said ‘With any luck they’ll think I’m an influential bedding blogger’ and my friend (the one with the bad back) said ironically “You mean you aren’t?”

Eureka! A lightbulb moment! A blog but not just on bedding, on sleep. Like many other people these days I have plenty of experience of sleep deprivation though I’m fortunately not in the same league as those who lie awake for hours. (I used to be worse).

How about exploring all the possible solutions to insomnia. Does lettuce really make you sleepy? Should you avoid cheese? How much does a comfy bed (and a mattress topper of course) help or would you be better with one that’s as hard as a board?

What about hotel beds? Hey, what about them? I could road-test them. A good hotel bed guide. That seemed an excellent plan.

How to get your children sleeping. How to stop your husband snoring. Why we fall asleep on trains with our mouths open . . . this blog will explore all these issues and more.

At least I hope it will. I’ve got more than enough on my plate already and it would be the ultimate irony if stressing about this new project precipitated a new bout of sleeplessness.

But let’s give it a try . . .

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