Tried and Tested: Teatonics herbal infusions

ImageAs I mentioned a couple of months ago I get totally wired if I drink coffee after 2pm and tea after about 5 so I’m  a big fan of herbal infusions. My usual options are Doctor Stuart’s Tranquillity which contains limeflower, hawthorn berries, yarrow, fennel and scullcap (sic) or, if I’m feeling slightly more energetic, a pot of verveine aka lemon verbena.

Anyway I was sent a couple of new infusions to try from a Dorset-based company called Teatonics which I’ve been trying out for about a week.

Their main product which is designed to get you going in the morning is what they call Mind-awakening Yerba Mate (pronounced matay not mate), which is made from plant that’s common in South America. It’s quite herbal and bitter so a bit of an acquired taste though the Teatonics version has been spiked with grapefruit peel which makes it rather more appealing. You also need to infuse it with water that’s come off the boil so as not to accentuate the bitter notes. After 3 or 4 cups I quite like it though I’m not sure it does a better job than hot lemon and water or a cup of builders’ tea.

I really took to their other tea, the Laid-Back Botanicals, though which is a blend of green rooibos, with hops elderflower, chamomile and lavender. The first time I tried it I zonked out almost immediately though that may have been due to a long hectic day. But it does seem to have a genuinely soporific effect and I love the lavender flavour.

You can buy Teatonics teas online starting at £14 for a two week ‘taster’ – though at the moment there doesn’t seem to be an option to buy just one of the blends – and at various shops in Dorset. (See FAQs for stockists) Or email them at

Do you have any favourite herbal infusions that you drink regularly?

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