Why buy bedding in the sales

White Company SaleYou may regard the sales as the perfect opportunity to nab those killer heels at a price you can afford or buy that designer jacket you covet but don’t overlook the opportunity to give your bedroom a bit of a facelift without breaking the bank.

While I wouldn’t advocate an impulse buy on a bed or a mattress without doing your homework the sales provide a chance to replace sagging pillows that have seen better days, buy yourself a summer-weight quilt for the warm nights ahead or treat yourself to some posh sheets.

Looking at the main bedding suppliers in the UK, The White Company currently has up to 30% off bedding bringing their stylish Genoa bed linen double duvets down to £52.50 for example and Marks & Spencer has some particularly good deals on Egyptian cotton pillow cases and sheets starting at £6 for a pillow case.

John Lewis has a range of special buys in its duvet and pillow ranges while Debenhams has light 3 tog duvets available from £25 and up to 50% off. (I’ve bought Fogarty duckdown duvets before in a Debenhams sale and been really happy with them.)

Less glamourous items like pillow protectors and mattress toppers are also worth picking up when they’re discounted.

Tempting though it is though, I wouldn’t go for the cheapest offer going. Really cheap duvets, for example, rarely give you that wrap-around comfort that makes for a good night’s sleep and cheap synthetic sheets can be hard, scratchy and hot – not great even for the spare room.

It’s also worth bearing practical considerations in mind. If you buy a luxurious duck- or goose-feather duvet you won’t be able to wash it. If you order fine-textured Egyptian cotton sheets they won’t retain their pristine smoothness unless you iron them – or pay someone else to – and white sheets are a no-no if you’re the kind of person who can’t have tea in bed without spilling it – as one of our duvets bears witness.

If you buy pillows online you won’t be able to judge how hard or soft they are unless you’ve bought exactly that kind before. However bedding is bulky so it might be better to visit a shop to push and prod until you find the one you want then get it delivered.

The sales could also be an opportunity to buy new curtains – make sure they’re dark enough and heavily lined enough to block out the light if you’re a sensitive sleeper – and even buy an old-fashioned alarm clock so you can get rid of that intrusive mobile phone . . .

What’s your best ever sale buy for the bedroom?

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