Do men not suffer from sleep problems – or do they simply not talk about them?

ImageSo the blog is already one month old and already it’s taken on a life of its own. When I started it – somewhat impulsively – back at the beginning of June I wasn’t sure how I was going to find enough things to write about. Now I’m overwhelmed at the number of people who want to share their sleep stories.

I say ‘people’ but in fact it’s women who are coming forward. Does that mean they sleep more badly than men (true in my own case – my husband sleeps like a log whatever the circumstances)? Or simply that men don’t want to admit they’re poor sleepers? Or worry less about it if they don’t sleep?

We have one man on record so far about their sleeping habits – Observer Food Monthly’s Allan Jenkins – and one in the pipeline (a famous winemaker). Oh, and one who I hope is going to write for us about the effect that tinnitus has on his sleeping. But the rest – among them TV presenter Aggie Mackenzie on the effects of clutter in your bedroom,  cookery writer Claire Thompson on how to survive nights with three young children,  Jess Trethowan on sleeping in a tent and Silvana de Soissons on how creating a calm, restful bedroom and adopting a relaxing nighttime routine helped her sleep – are all women.

So come on men. Let’s be hearing from you! This blog is your chance to air and share your sleep experiences and tips. Do you snatch a snooze in the office? Have you discovered the world’s best bed? How do you manage to get over jet lag? We want to know . . .

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