Sleepio and the Great British Sleep Survey

Great British Sleep surveyIf you’re the type who likes filling in surveys – and are concerned about how you sleep – you’ll love the Great British Sleep Survey which I discovered through an online Q and A session in the Guardian with two sleep specialists professors Russell Foster and Colin Espie.

You can take the short or long version but being a survey junkie I did the full thing.

The survey, which asks you questions about your age, profession and sleeping habits including what time you go to bed and whether you wake up in the night, is divided into four main sections which cover lifestyle, mood, diet and exercise. I scored well for state of mind (low risk), medium for my state of health and high risk for my schedule and lifestyle. Predictably too much time spent in front of computers (filling in surveys, er hem) and not enough fresh air and exercise.

Interestingly there are also questions about whether you have ever fallen asleep at the wheel or had an accident due to lack of sleep. (I once did 30 years ago, when I was involved in politics, when I drove back late after a day’s campaigning, fell asleep at the wheel and turned the car upside down. Very scary.)

Sleepio survey
I also discovered the survey was linked to Sleepio, a CBT type programme designed to help bad sleepers which has another survey – this time with cartoons. You get a short free session with the Prof – a softly spoken Scot which made me think that listening to tapes of Scots reading could well be a soothing way to nod off . . .

Given that I’m sleeping reasonably well at the moment I decided not to invest £99 in their 12 week CBT programme but at just over £8 a week it’s hardly expensive compared to seeing a specialist. And a cheaper six week programme is available through Boots for £49.99.

Have any of you tried the Sleepio programme and how did you get on with it?

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2 Responses to Sleepio and the Great British Sleep Survey

  1. jeanirvin says:

    I have a free app for my iPod called iCan Hypnosis Insomnia Free with a lovely Scottish man talking you through. It is very restful and I rarely hear it to the end.

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