Why a Swiss stone pine bed might help you sleep

Swiss pine infographic
One of the aspect I love most about this blog is the fact that I’m constantly discovering obscure things about sleep from the most unlikely sources. In this particular instance from a young Austrian wine importer Peter Honegger who runs a brilliant small shop in Shoreditch called Newcomer Wines.

He told me a friend, an opera singer with a sideline in making balsamic vinegar (how totally random is that?), had a theory that Swiss pine beds help counter insomnia and had sent him a link to prove it. He translated the ad above for me but basically the drift is that swiss pine helps you sleep and may prove beneficial for the heart.

It sounded so utterly bonkers that I thought I better Google it and found that there was evidence for the claim. The Joanneum Research institute in Graz has conducted experiments which showed that sleeping in a pine bed was more restful because it slowed the heart rate.

Google ‘Swiss stone pine sleep’ and a whole raft of references will come up to Swiss and Austrian hotels, spas and bedding firms which repeat this claim such as this site for Nockberger Swiss Stone Pine Rooms which offers holiday accommodation and a firm called Dormiente which sells pine beds and pillows that contain Swiss pine shavings. (And no, these aren’t paid-for links in case you’re wondering … )

Possibly even better news, from my point of view at least, is that the active resins in Swiss pine help counteract moths though it would admittedly be cheaper to buy Swiss pine mothballs

© fasphotographic - Fotolia.com

© fasphotographic – Fotolia.com

The only downside is that Swiss pine is wildly kitsch – you’d wake up feeling as if you were in the Sound of Music – but if you were considering a skiing holiday you could look for a chalet with a Swiss pine room. If I were a chronic insomniac and a skiier – an unlikely combination admittedly – I’d give it a go.

As a postscript I wonder if the effectiveness of Swiss pine would diminish over time? You’d think it would.

Have any of you slept in a Swiss pine bed or a pine-cladded bedroom and if so how did you find it impacted on your sleep?

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4 Responses to Why a Swiss stone pine bed might help you sleep

  1. There are also more modern and stylish interpretations of Swiss Stine Pine beds available. For example ARVEN an Austrian manufacturer offers handcrafted and 100% metal free beds also in dark finishing. Please visit http://www.arven.at

  2. Wow – those do look beautiful. Thanks for the link, Matthias

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