Tried and Tested: The Fine Bedding Company’s Breathe duvet

Breathe duvetEven though I now realise I was a total novice when it came to bedding BSB (Before the Sleep Blog) I did at least change from a winter to a summer duvet so I was intrigued to see whether my choice – a Debenhams 4.5 tog goose feather and down – was the best one for warmer weather when the Fine Bedding Company offered to send me one of their new ‘Breathe’ duvets to try.

It came in its own posh little carrying case, unfolding to a light, billowy quilt which was surprisingly light for 7 tog. The filling is a mixture of something deeply secret called Smartfil®, blended with modal, a fibre derived from natural wood pulp.

I confess I found it a little hot for high summer but then we often sleep with just a sheet or a light blanket at this time of year. I’d probably go for the 4.5 tog version although can imagine the 7 tog would be perfect for spring or early autumn if one could afford or had the space to indulge in a duvet wardrobe. (They also have 10.5 and 13.5 tog duvets in the range.)

The quilt finish was so silky I almost didn’t want to put a duvet cover on it and in fact wondered, given that the material was designed to keep you cool, whether it wasn’t counterproductive to put a layer of cotton over it, however fine. As it’s fully washable it would be tempting not to though I guess it would lose some of its texture and pristine whiteness through repeated washing. Particularly if you’re the sort of person who spills tea or has children romping over your bed.

Although I’m still wedded to my goosedown duvet Breathe certainly has one of the best synthetic fillings I’ve tried with the cosy wrap-around feel of a down-filled duvet. if you had allergy issues or find feathers and down a little rustly it would be an ideal buy.

Breathe quilts cost from £45 from the Fine Bedding Company website.

* Incidentally the Fine Bedding Company has launched a clever campaign to encourage children to make their own Duvet Dens, a useful diversion during the loooong summer holidays. Nice idea.


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