Review: The Hoxton, Shoreditch

bedroom at HoxtonThe daddy of low cost urban hotels – in London, at least – the uber-cool Hoxton is a great place to stay though given the party atmosphere don’t expect to get much sleep . . .

The hotel: The word hip might have been invented for the Hoxton.
The room we stayed in: No. 407 but the rooms are much of a muchness. All decked out in tasteful grey and black with an Andy Warhol-style cushion on the bed
The bed: Definitely on the small side but judging by the outsize mirror alongside I doubt if much sleeping goes on. A Hypnos mattress makes for a comfortable night once you do hit the sack.
Bedding: Obligatory Egyptian white cotton sheets (260 thread count if you like to count threads). Duck down duvet and pillows
Noise: Fine unless the 24/7 party downstairs spills into your corridor. (It hasn’t while I’ve been staying there to be fair.)
Light: dark enough not to disturb
Clean?: Yes, very
Bathroom: Small but nicely got up with a good power shower and free Pear’s soap which you’re encouraged to take away. (Small gesture but everyone loves a freebie)

Breakfast bag
Other reasons to stay
* Uber cool Shoreditch – you’re within easy walking distance of some excellent bars and restaurants including Merchant Tavern, Mark Hix’s Tramshed, Lyle’s, L’anima and er hem, my son’s restaurant Hawksmoor Spitalfields
* Free breakfast aka “Hox nosh from the breakfast pixies” (this is how they talk at the Hoxton). OK, it’s not huge (a banana, a granola-topped yoghurt and a small carton of orange juice (sorry, OJ) but it’s enough to kickstart your day. And there’s decent coffee and tea in the room, milk and water in the fridge and – hallelujah – a dish to put your used teabag on (why don’t more hotels think of this?)
* Large telly and – cooler still – a retro Roberts radio (I wonder how many of those get nicked?)
* A decent desk. Books (or a free copy of the Guardian) to read if you’re switching off your electronic devices. Free wifi if you’re not
* Free bicycle hire

* Hard to find a public space that isn’t overrun with bearded twenty-somethings
* Irritating habit of taking £50 off your credit card ‘in case you order something’. But they’re not the only ones …

Hoxton bed 2Cost: A bit pricey unless you manage to snag one of the deals they occasionally offer to members of the mailing list. In general the best night to stay is a Sunday when rooms can be had for £99 if you book early enough. Midweek reverts to City prices – reckon on £269 a night  – if you can even get a room. The new Holborn Hoxton opening next month seems a bit cheaper though some rooms seem quite a bit smaller than the Shoreditch branch.

Would I go again?
Not only would I but I have. But only if there’s a deal.

The Hoxton is at 81 Great Eastern St, London, EC2A 3HU.

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2 Responses to Review: The Hoxton, Shoreditch

  1. Suzanne says:

    “Obligatory Egyptian white cotton sheets (260 thread count if you like to count threads).” … Did the sheets feel good?

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