So what do you eat in bed?

Image courtesy of Post Grad Problems:

I’ve never been a great one for eating in bed – the odd Rich Tea biscuit dunked into my morning cuppa – but it seems I’m in a minority. According to research commissioned by a bedding and furniture company called Betta Living almost a third of Brits say they regularly snack in bed.

It seems however that it puts off their longsuffering partners, 58% of whom regard it as the worst thing their beloved can do in the bedroom.  (The next worst being leaving dirty crockery and half drunk cups of tea by the bed though that is not nearly as bad in my book as leaving dirty socks or pizza boxes lying around, another reported niggle)

What the survey doesn’t reveal – pizza aside – is what the nations snackers are taking to bed with them. Nothing messy like a Chinese, I’m guessing – or maybe I’m wrong? KFC? Crisps? Cookies? Cupcakes? Chocolate bars? Chardonnay? Anything else beginning with C*? We’d love to know . . .

Actually our youngest did use to take cucumber and Camembert to bed. Don’t ask . . .

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4 Responses to So what do you eat in bed?

  1. Suzanne says:

    I used to, but I’ve moved away from it, because I love the anticipation of hopping into a nice, comfortable bed where I can snuggle up and just relax – no more crumbs for me!

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