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So what do you eat in bed?

I’ve never been a great one for eating in bed – the odd Rich Tea biscuit dunked into my morning cuppa – but it seems I’m in a minority. According to research commissioned by a bedding and furniture company called … Continue reading

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What on earth is ‘sleep hygiene’?

This sleep business has some funny jargon, I’ve been discovering. It took me a while to find out that sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnoea as the NHS puts it was a particularly acute type of snoring* then people keep … Continue reading

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Why a Swiss stone pine bed might help you sleep

One of the aspect I love most about this blog is the fact that I’m constantly discovering obscure things about sleep from the most unlikely sources. In this particular instance from a young Austrian wine importer Peter Honegger who runs … Continue reading

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The heavenly bliss of good bedding

Writer and blogger Lucy Bridgers admits to an expensive bedding habit – and how she’s become a dab hand with an iron … I don’t know whether it’s a sign of my age and the advancing years, but I have … Continue reading

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How creating a beautiful bedroom overcame my insomnia

I asked Silvana de Soissons owner of the beautifully designed The Foodie Bugle artisan food and vintage homewares shop what her bedroom was like. It turned out it had resolved her sleep problems. Read how she did it. I was … Continue reading

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