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8 steps that helped to cure my insomnia

High flying lawyer Nicky Richmond reveals the 8 steps she took to overcome her insomnia – only isn’t quite sure which one did the trick. “I’m not sure when my sleep problems started; probably in my thirties when work started … Continue reading

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Can’t sleep? Blame your gut bacteria!

It’s easy to blame anxieties going round and round in your head for sleepless nights. But the problem could lie not in the revolution of thoughts in your brain but in the churning in your gut, says Patsy Westcott. The … Continue reading

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10 ways to sleep better on a plane

Later this week I’m flying to Chile, a trip I’m immensely looking forward to – apart from the overnight plane journey there and back. However hard I try I never seem to manage to sleep for more than a couple … Continue reading

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Power napping – or rather failing to nap – in Berlin

When I was researching sleep programs for a feature recently I discovered the Swissotel Berlin offered a service to sleep-deprived guests so as I was visiting the city for a few days I thought I’d check it out. If you’re … Continue reading

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Does lack of sleep really make you fat? Patsy Westcott investigates . . .

Magazines, newspapers and the internet are awash with claims that lack of shut-eye piles on the pounds. And at first sight it seems pretty cut and dried. As we’ve become collectively more sleep-deprived our weight has soared in parallel. Numerous … Continue reading

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How yoga can help you sleep

One solution to sleepless nights you may not have explored is yoga but it can do a great deal to relieve insomnia says practitioner Carol Trevor. Elusive sleep is something I work with regularly, with people from all walks of … Continue reading

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How I sleep: winemaker Randall Grahm

“Not much good news in the sleep dept. – maybe over-stimulated by Stephan’s electric Côte-Rôtie followed by Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore”. The latest subject of our How I Sleep series is the legendary Californian winemaker Randall Grahm of Bonny … Continue reading

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How creating a beautiful bedroom overcame my insomnia

I asked Silvana de Soissons owner of the beautifully designed The Foodie Bugle artisan food and vintage homewares shop what her bedroom was like. It turned out it had resolved her sleep problems. Read how she did it. I was … Continue reading

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10 ways to get back to sleep – fast

It’s 3 a.m. (read 2, 4, 5 depending on when your demons leap out at you), you’re wide-awake and your mind’s racing. So what can you do to get back to the Land of Nod? Paying attention to the externals … Continue reading

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