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Can’t sleep? Blame your gut bacteria!

It’s easy to blame anxieties going round and round in your head for sleepless nights. But the problem could lie not in the revolution of thoughts in your brain but in the churning in your gut, says Patsy Westcott. The … Continue reading

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10 ways to sleep better on a plane

Later this week I’m flying to Chile, a trip I’m immensely looking forward to – apart from the overnight plane journey there and back. However hard I try I never seem to manage to sleep for more than a couple … Continue reading

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What’s the ideal sleeping position?

I suppose it’s an indication of little I used to think about sleep that it never occurred to me my sleeping position was in anyway abnormal. I fall asleep on my right hand side then often sleep on my stomach, … Continue reading

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10 ways to boost your melatonin naturally

Following her introduction to melatonin earlier in the week health writer Patsy Westcott shows how you can do without supplements and boost your melatonin naturally. * Boost melatonin with diet. Put cherries, tomatoes, bananas, pineapples and oats on the menu … Continue reading

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What you need to know about melatonin

Health writer Patsy Westcott tries to sort the facts from the fiction of our body’s own sleep hormone. Melatonin, aka the Dracula hormone (it only comes out at night) is a natural anti-oxidant manufactured by the pineal gland, a tiny … Continue reading

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Do sleep apps help you sleep? Monica Shaw tests out Fitbit and Sleep Cycle

I’m a data-driven person – I like numbers, charts, graphs, and I especially like collecting data on my daily activities, particularly exercise and food. Most recently I’ve turned my data appetite towards sleep and have been experimenting with a couple … Continue reading

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What on earth is ‘sleep hygiene’?

This sleep business has some funny jargon, I’ve been discovering. It took me a while to find out that sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnoea as the NHS puts it was a particularly acute type of snoring* then people keep … Continue reading

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How yoga can help you sleep

One solution to sleepless nights you may not have explored is yoga but it can do a great deal to relieve insomnia says practitioner Carol Trevor. Elusive sleep is something I work with regularly, with people from all walks of … Continue reading

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How much sleep do we really need?

Can we thrive on three or four hours sleep a night or would we be better with ten? Patsy Westcott investigates Margaret Thatcher famously got by just four hours a night and President Obama apparently survives on the same amount. … Continue reading

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Sleepio and the Great British Sleep Survey

If you’re the type who likes filling in surveys – and are concerned about how you sleep – you’ll love the Great British Sleep Survey which I discovered through an online Q and A session in the Guardian with two … Continue reading

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